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🦙 [Plugin] Pinata IPFS Manager by EzCode

Yes in theory, you can upload an html file entirely. There are no limits to file formats.

Directly no, you can’t modifiy an uploaded file on IPFS.
However there are a few tricks, for example if you have an IPFS with a json, and in this json you have an image, you can set a link to this image that points to your server, so you could later change this, but I think in this case IPFS will loose its meaning.

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I’ve seen a Wikipedia hosted on IPFS. But it seems like a static website. Is it possible with SPA? With my app, bubble generates the page contents on the fly reading the page url.

I meant the following functionality. Do you have a plan to include this?

Well, just include a javascript tag that will load dynamically any other script from your server and voilà, you have a dynamic website. But this is my theory, I never tried it.

No, specifically this cannot be integrated into the bubble plugin.

You can render a page using base64. Lots Of examples of that on google.

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Wait so is the old workflow deprecated? I’m having the same issues as @jstn.king. Only small files are uploading to Pinata.

I don’t want to reconstruct my UX around this new setup.

I want my users to add a video, an image, a title, and a description then mint this into an NFT in one click.

No, you can still use it. It just really limited and it depends on the bubble limits and not on our plugin or pinata itself.
So it is up to you how to upload files.

You will still be able to do this even with the new setup, nothing has changed, just the uploading is not made with the Bubble uploader.

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@ezdev hi, where can I find pinata_api_key(shared headers) and pinata_secret_api_key(shared headers)?

I’ve recently dropped a Web3 Crash Course where we run through a lot of Web3 fundamentals, but also spend a decent amount of time in the Bubble editor playing with Ezcode web3 plugins - like this one, Web3 & MetaMask etc.

If anyone’s interested, you can access the video I did for this plugin for free on Youtube


These are the same keys as the ApiKey & SecretApiKey you see above, so, copy and paste them.
It is needed for Pinata sdk.

To generate API keys:
Go to your Pinata profile → API Keys and generate them.

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if I upload metadata to ipfs through upload and pin, does it return to me the hash? how can i get this, thanks

Yes, see demo page open it in the app editor and see how it works

Here are a few real projects that uses this plugin:

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