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πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ [PLUGIN RELEASE] Users Online

This all-in-one plugin provides rich information about a visitor:

  • status (active/idle/browser tab not active)
  • IP address
  • country, city, lat/lng
  • internet provider
  • and more!

:fire: Some use cases:

  • store visit analytics and statistics
  • number of visitors online / rich info about online visitors
  • visitors and opened pages
  • get rich visitor info
  • automatically logout user after X min of inactivity

We created a demo app to demonstrate plugin in action: it shows all the visitors online, opened pages, activity statuses and geo info:

:link: Demo | Editor

:link: Plugin Page:

:books: Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots


Wow, this plugin looks awesome!

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Does this plugin works for pages associated to a data type (aka a slug)? I mean, for a SaaS app, could we use this plugin to know which page / data (slug) is being visited?

Very nice ! I was looking for that.

I tried the demo, is it possible to have the plugin work without the progress bar?

I see in the demo that all IPs are hidden. Is that for the demo only?
I ask to be sure of RGPD compliance.

This plugin does not provide the page info directly. Instead, it provides info about the visitor (IP, country, city, lat/lang, internet provider and more) and its activity status (active, hidden, inactive).
You can enrich this data with any kind of additional info such as last visit, viewed pages etc

Bubble’s progress bar appears when you save the data into the database. The IP addresses and cities are hidden in the demo for privacy reasons.

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