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[plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps

It happens randomly upon loading pages.

Aaah. I now get it. Netlify has a timeout limit of 10 seconds. So you need to load less data or use your own netlify account, get a business account and request that they increase the timeout to 24 seconds. There is no other way.

Oh I see. The thing though is that I’m not sure the data is the problem. Cause it happens even on simple pages where Google PageSpeed Insights reports full load in under 10 seconds.

It would be great if you can look into optimizing the function in some way so we don’t end up with another $19/month running cost. This can be dissuading for apps with little traction.


already optimized the function. Can also be the workflows that are slow.

I also got this timeout error message 2 or 3 times, for subdomains usually working. So I would say that either the issue is due to low perf on Bubble side at some moment, either some low perf on netlify side for free accounts (?).

Alright then. Will have to upgrade before going live then. Bubble apps are not the best when it comes to speed.

Probably low performance. Bubble sites can be notoriously slow to load. It’s one of the most annoying trade-offs. If I have the time maybe I will test boosted capacity to see if such error still happens then.

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Do these errors happen often in your case? For me I got 2 or 3 of these errors over a 3 week periods, no more. If you experience them every day or so, you could test boost, indeed, else I’d say : don’t waste your boost…

The only way to fix these timeouts would be to move to a custom solution but that would require 10.000 dollars to setup (in development costs and server setup costs).

It happens more often than that for me. Multiple times a day even. So I’ll test boost and see. Otherwise I will just manage until I need to go live and then I can upgrade my Netlify plan.

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Hi @gaimed ,

I am trying to work out the cost benefit of offering whitelabel domains vs vanity urls and am curious to know if there are any SEO benefits. I can imagine that Google could view these as link farms. Have you or your customers seen any benefits in this regard?

Also - want to make sure I understand the SSL limitations. Am I right in thinking that automating the creation and configuration of certificates is currently broken but that the white labelled domains CAN be secured using SSL certificates albeit with some effort.

If yes, can you outline how much effort?


@kevin.hunt, the instant SSL feature is broken, but if you can wait 10 to 20 minutes, your custom domains and/or subdomains will get a SSL certificate automatically

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you need the netlify dns for instant ssl. For everything else I would recommend searxg google.

I would like to give each user their own email with their own domain. At this point, I have only seen email integrated at the platform level with Sendgrid but I am assuming that your app will allow me to give my users their custom emails correct? If yes, are their any special considerations or recommended apps to do this with? (ie have been proven to work with your app?)

Hey guys - I put together a 20 minute video to help reduce the learning curve to setting up and using SaaS Alias.

Please feel free to @ me if you have questions in this thread so I am notified. Happy to help where I can.

Here’s the link: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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Hey Kevin - as far as I know, SaaS Alias has nothing to do with email and am unsure how SaaS Alias would impact this aspect of your app.

If you wanted to create custom emails for your own clients/customers, this would need to be handled with the help of something like G Suite or Zoho. I’ve heard good things about Rackspace’s reseller program, but have never used it myself.

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Hi @armcburn,

Thanks on behalf of the entire community for the video. Like so many of the apps on Bubble, SaaSAlias is not as intuitive nor fully documented as one would like. Your video helps to change that.
What I would like to see is how you actually use the tool to redirect pages to specific domains. For example, I want each of my members to have their own domain. Most of their work is done on the section of the app that uses my domain. The clients of my members will interact with each of my members with a generic set of pages that are parameterized to deliver just information as well as custom branding for one specific member based on those parameters.
I didn’t see how one would make that happen in your video. Do I direct the parameterized URL to a SaaSAlias and it some how parses out the data and Builds a redirect URL that is also parameterized and decipherable by Bubble?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Hey Kevin - I believe this is out of the box functionality, if I understand your use case. I believe my use case is similar to yours. Happy to hop on a call if the below video doesn’t set you straight.