[plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps

SaasAlias is the latest plugin (replacing Powerlabel) for adding subdomains or multiple domains to your bubble apps.

You can find the manual here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

To use this SaasAlias you will need two plugins:

Plugin for creation of config’s: https://bubble.io/plugin/saasalias—config-generator-1614456817722x234558050063351800
Plugin to deploy: https://bubble.io/plugin/saasalias—multiple-domains-1614456717151x641679265334558700
Link to working app: https://saasalias-example.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true
Link to editor: https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=saasalias-example&tab=tabs-1
If you want instant subdomains (if you can wait 10-15 seconds between creation and using you don’t need the plugin), you will also need the ssl plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/saasalias—ssl-1614456036664x636041107430965200


What is the difference between SaasAlias and old Powerlabel plugin?
SaasAlias is much easier to use and is more powerful.

  • It allows to easily add favoicon/meta data to every (sub)domain
  • Also you can use paths (powerlabel didn’t allow that).
  • Supports instant subdomain creation for saas like apps
  • Deployments only take 3-4 seconds (instead of 12 seconds)
  • You don’t need netlify account anymore. You can use the SaasAlias buid in netlify business account with unlimited calls (fup)

What is the difference between SaasAlias and TheirLabel plugin?

  • TheirLabel does not work in safari / mobile. SaasAlias does
  • TheirLabel is has not support for instant subdomains
  • You need your own netlify account for TheirLabel

Can I migrate Powerlabel to SaasAlias?
No, you will need to remove your powerlabel sites from netlify and redeploy using saasalias. Due to bubble limitations support for Powerlabel is ending and everyone is recommended to switch to SaasAlias.

  1. Go to https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ping and enter your domain. Check if the result is pointing to If its not working, contact your dns provider.
  2. Check if action Deploy that returns errors is empty
  3. Check using view Config and then JSON if everything you added to the config is present
  4. Check if ssl is working on your domain
  5. Have you waited 48 hours?
  6. Remove any netlify sites that use your domain (also remove the Powerlabel and TheirLabel plugin)

After that you can DM http://forum.bubble.io/u/gaimed/ with the following

  1. your appname
  2. your password
  3. your config json (use view config to get it) and config that you pass to deploy. Also the output of log and error that deploy gives.
  4. link to https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ping where you see that the domain is pointing to
  5. what you are expecting and what is not happening
  6. what dns provider you use (like cloudflare)
  7. add ab@gaimed.com as a collaborator (I only need view access)
  8. screenshot of the workflow and the pagename

This is a complex plugin. If you need one on one support I will provide it for 100 dollars for 30 minutes. If you lost your configs and need a reset it will be 100 dollars per reset.


Looks awesome, Gaimed. Great work!!

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Is this increase also for People who begin already now with this?

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No. You will stay on the discounted price.

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Wow awesome! Thank you so much.

Can I keep the SSL empty? (saw a different screenshot in the docs, without the SSL)

Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 11.28.25

No ssl needed. Only for instant wildcard ssl for subdomains.

Update. You will need the last version to deploy or generate ssl. I was able to make it much faster.


Finally had some time to implement this in place of PowerLabel. Super intuitive - great work!


Thnx! would love a recommendation :slight_smile:

Updated the plugin. Deployments should be faster.


The latest version (1.0.5) has an input for the Netlify API key on the Plugin page (not in the manual). Am I required to use my own Netlify API key or is this an optional field?



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I want to know how to “clean” all the configs I’ve been pouring out with deploys…maybe my questions is too simple but somehow I got an error about a domain not been unique. I’m thinking maybe I left a lot of unsaved config “in the air” I dont want that mess the app up in the future

I have the same concern.

Also, what is the difference between Remove a domain action and the delete action? both of them they don’t delete the domain from the netlify account, it just change : “site_delete”:true which doesn’t do anything.

Note: I’m using my Netlify account

Hi there,

Remove domain remove’s the domain from the deploy (so if you have multiple domains. Delete action removes the site. Both will only work if you pass the config to deploy (because that executes the config file).

that is not possible. If you create a config. You will need to run delete and then deploy to clean it. If you use your own netlify you can do it using the netlify dashboard. If you are not using your own I can do it if you provide your own appname.

I know the deploy execute the config. I’m saying when I execute the deploy, the delete action doesn’t delete the site from netlify account. The action goes through with no errors and I see in the json that “site_delete” changed to true. but the site is still exist in the netlify account.


Can you pm me the log output?

I am having this issue as well. Neither the Delete functions nor the Remove domain seem to remove the Domain from Netlify. I cannot re-create it because it gives me a "SaasAlias: Create Failed with errors: {“custom_domain”:[“must be unique (domain.name)”]} error.

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