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Automate your sales tax calculations for the US market.

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Disclaimer: Although we do our utmost best to keep the data up to date, we are not responsible for inaccurate data, feel free to test and compare to your local rates.

In most states, the calculation of sales tax and the information changes many times throughout the year. This API provides you with a method to get this information easily and with no maintenance.

Available plans:

$3/month - 1,000 requests per month
$6/month - 3,000 requests per month
$9/month - 5,000 requests per month
$19/month - 15,000 requests per month

Plugin is released, to all the bubblers who were previous struggling with tax rate in the US, now is your chance, plans start at $3/month.

I have a dedicated team keeping the data up to date. :confetti_ball: