Plugin Store Killing All Bubble Links

I’ve noticed over the passed year, the more plugins are added to the plugin store, the slower its getting. Now it is almost unusable for me and i have to restart all of my tabs regularly just to use bubble again.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so could someone please maybe optimize the store?


+1 on this.

Agreed. Even on a high powered rig with a good amount of RAM the plugins will load in painfully slow…its like playing a game of Jenga, you have to be patient otherwise it will sometimes crash the web browser.

Yeah, that’s one very badly optimized Repeating Group there :slight_smile:

Since it’s the only way to really buy a plugin, I actually didn’t realize until now how much of a sales killer that slowness is.

@emmanuel, can we do something about it, please?
Should be easy enough.


should be as simple as limiting the amount of plugins that appear in the group at a time, right?

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Adding and searching for plugins is still painful with timely lag between searches or filtering, please can have an improvement/optimization in this.

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