Plugin that act as a group?

Hi, I was playing with plugin creation and the following question popped up in my head as I was looking at a Popup…
Is it possible to create a plugin that act as a group in the bubble editor ?
Is it possible to create a plugin that could, for example, act as a circular repeating group ?
Thanks, have a good day and keep safe

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Likely yes. Quite a great question that popped in your head!
Bubble elements are normal DOM elements, like divs and friends.
Try moving them around the screen with your code, try organizing them in a certain way with your code, tinkering is the best thing you can do now.

After that:
Try creating a custom repeating group by replicating some Bubble elements, for example by creating inputs to replicate a Bubble input. You could publish your input’s value in a state. And do more with it!

You could even, ahem, make better elements where needed (hope the team doesn’t reads this :sweat_smile:)… through the use of events, data attributes and other features that would leverage modern HTML standards and JS capabilities. I know that the team’s focus is elsewhere, but these are nice to have features and must have features in some specific cases.

Okay ! thanks for your reply, I will play around (and probably be trying every single thing you mentionned) as soon as possible !

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