Plugin to integrate Facebook Conversions API (not Pixel)

Hello, I’m looking for a plugin to create the integration with Facebook API Conversion (it is different to normal Pixel)

After iOS14 update in the begin 2021, the facebook pixel will no longer work as before. We can leave conversions.

So the API is a the great solution. It would be great if this plugin connect Facebook API Conversion as Lead, Purchase, etc…

It would be great if we just set Token and Pixel ID to work.

I hope anyone create this plugin, because it doesn’t look like a complex plugin…



Following as well

news about this ?

Did someone create the plugin or make some home-made solution ? :slight_smile:

Somebody solved it yet?

I am also looking for that, or at least a configuration to bind the database.

Just launched one: Facebook Conversions API Plugin Plugin | Bubble

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