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[Plugin Update: 2021] TechBlocks Charts and Graphs (Chart.js)

@alex4 I just re-read your prior message and I think I misinterpreted what you said when I first replied. Are you saying that in order to use the Charts JS plugin (at least the version that fixes this critical scatter charts issue) we have to be using the new Bubble responsive engine? I really hope that isn’t the case because that feature is still in beta. Can you please clarify?

Given the huge undertaking involved to update my app to the new responsive engine, and the possibility that some of the other plugins I use are not yet upgraded to work with the new responsive engine, is there any possibility that you could push out an update to v4.37.2 (i.e. the last version of the plugin before implementing the new responsive engine) of the plugin that fixes the scatter chart issue?

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Hi @Kent and @waxnation thanks for the context here. I totally understand that this isn’t an ideal situation! For that reason, I’ve just pushed a one-time reverted version v4.38.16 called “Old Responsive Engine - Fix for Scatter Chart Loading Issue”. Hope that helps!

Moving forward, I am hoping to maintain the plugin on Bubble’s new responsive plugin API. I find it unfortunate that Bubble’s old responsive engine isn’t forwards compatible with the new plugin API, but based on Bubble’s email communication to plugin authors, they’ll be completing their beta phase for their responsive engine by end of June and defaulting new apps to the new responsive engine.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more feedback or questions! More than happy to help.


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Many thanks @alex4! Everything seems to be back in working order now for me. I really appreciate you “going above and beyond” with your support to accommodate those of us that are waiting for the new Bubble responsive engine to come out of beta before upgrading our apps. I’m disappointed that Bubble hasn’t come up with a more elegant way for plugins to be upgraded, but hopefully this is a one-time transition.

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Hi @alex4 any news on this? I updated the plugin to the latest release but the error is persistent.

I just ran the debbuger on your dashboard demo and can confirm that your charts are having the exact same problem.

In the profit chart, for '09 the first data is supposed to be 2.5 according to the data source but on chart tooltip shows 3.5, same thing happens on any value with a decimal equal or above 0.5

@resende.pp how do you create a custom label, I know how to create a custom tooltip but labels? Thanks in advance!

Hi @alex4,

I’m having an issue with the 100% Stacked bar chart. The overall count is correct, and categories are correct, but it’s not associating the data between them correctly. I’ve updated to the latest release in case this is a release issue. I based the chart setup on what you have in the demo page.

I’m getting this:

When I should be getting this (from Excel)

The only difference is that the field I’m using for category grouping is an extended value from the user table.

I have the following data:
• 1 Red for Adele Vance
• 1 Red for Lisa Bowen
• 1 Green for Lisa Bowen
• 1 Yellow for Johanna
• 1 Yellow for Treb

I’ve set up my Project table to have a Project Owner that is a User.

I have my X axis setup as follows, doing a Search for Projects and then doing the extended query to get the Full Name from the User table.

Each series is set up as follows. I’ve tried duplicating the same exact query as above but getting the count and I get the same results, which are incorrect.


  1. Is the reference to the User table supported?
  2. Is my setup correct?
  3. Is there something else going on here that’s not obvious, that’s preventing the correct matching?


Hello, @alex4 !
Can you help me please with 3 questions?
I’m trying to make two parallel graphs: Chart-Scatter/Point and Bar chart.
Timeline is different: 1 day, 7 days, etc.
Time has format UNIX timestamp in milliseconds.

  1. How can I customize the view of “Chart-Scatter/Point A’s Hovered Item X Value (Date)”? Now it looks not very readable and it has no opportunity to format it (see attachted printscreen)

  1. Is it possible to synchronize crosshairs between scatter/point and bar charts? I haven’t found this opportunity for bar chart (see screen above)
  2. When I make graph for 1 day, the time at X axis doesn’t match with time in tooltip (hovered item X value (date)). And I can’t understand why and how can I fix it (sceen 2).

Thank you in advance for your reply!

@alex4 can you help to understand what’s happening after plugin updates?

X Axis, Series 1 - Y axis, Series 2 - Y axis, Series 3 - Y axis is gone, and can’t be added back

@Kent thanks for the kind feedback, great to hear that you’ve appreciated the plugin and support so far :slight_smile:

@aestela thanks for the follow up! This one is definitely on my radar and is on the top of my priority list! I should have an answer for you by the end of the week (hopefully sooner).

@treb.gatte I suspect that there might be some empty values returned from your dynamic search, causing the data to be misaligned. Could you copy and paste all of your series dynamic expressions into a text element below the chart, hit “run” so they evaluate on the page, and PM me a screenshot?

@mikhireva.valeriia I’ll PM you about this one!

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@alex4 , Como consigo classificar em Maior por Menor? segue Gráfico:

@aestela and @resende.pp – FYI I’ve pushed an update in v4.38.20 (for pages on old responsive engine) and v4.38.21 (for pages on new responsive engine) that addresses the rounding issues for Bar/Line/Mixed Charts.

Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions or spot any issues!

@dipaivabrito bom dia! Eu sinto muito, o meu portugues nao e muito bom. voce fala ingles?

Thanks Alex4, Im gonna test the new update and give you a feedback!

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@alex4 I upgraded to the latest (old responsive) plugin version a few days ago to resolve the scatter chart issue. Everything has been working well other than one little bug that I’m hoping you can look into. For one of my scatter charts, I have a checkbox that previously allowed the user to control whether data labels were displayed. Essentially this was an on/off toggle. The way I got the setting to work was by setting the “Show Data Labels?” field of the scatter chart series equal to the value of the checkbox (see screenshot):

Prior to upgrading my plugin version a few days ago, this set up worked flawlessly, allowing my users to toggle the chart data labels on/off by checking/unchecking the checkbox element. After updating to the newer version of the plugin, it seems to have broken the dynamic link between the checkbox value and the “Show Data Labels?” field of the chart data series. It seems it only checks the checkbox value on load rather than each time it changes.

I noticed that you rolled out a new plugin version this morning (v4.38.20) so I tried upgrading to that but the same issue remains. Any chance this is a quick fix that could be implemented to bring the functionality back in line with how it worked previously (e.g. v.4.34.3)?

Thanks as always,

Thanks @alex4 that seems to have solved the issue!

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Sent PM.

Hi, I think I have a potential bug to report. Using version 4.38.21

Graph does not read Series B data labels and only reads Series A data labels for mixed charts. I have a mixed line and bar chart. Series A is a Bar and Series B is a Line. Series A is mapped to “A” and Series B is mapped to “B” however when i use the input for “A” Labels - Unit After and enter in “days” it shows up for both series A and B. If i enter a value for Label B it does not read it. You can see on the screenshots that there should be a data label A that shows “days” and data label B on the graph should display “reminders” but the only display on the graph is Label A of “days” and its repeated twice for both values.

bug view 1.1

bug view 2

@alex4, How can I sort Major by Minor? with this graph:

Hey Alex, thanks again for the fantastic plug-in! I’m currently in the process of creating two charts. The first is a scatter chart with dynamic data that includes: Name (each point on the chart will have a different name), x-value, and y-value. One solution might be to have each point as a different series, however, the data is dynamic in that the number of names (within that series) will change. The chart has a second series but fortunately all the points fall under the same name.

I have the same challenge with the second chart, points x/y/z are fine, just need a way to display the name of the point when the user hovers.

Thanks again for your work and thanks in advance for the huge help!

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