[Plugin update 2023] ChartJS - Charts and Graphs (TechBlocks)

I haven’t received any reply since the first message. It’s been 3 days.

Hi @fabio.witt1 – thanks for checking in. We sent you a private note requesting for the app editor link; please see your PMs

@alex4 , thank you very much, worked out nicely!

@alex4 , thank you very much, worked out nicely!

@PedroMartinto great to hear it worked out well for you!

Let me know if you have any questions, requests, or feedback!

Hi Alex,

I notice that the annotations disappear when the chart is resized in responsive mode (happens on your demo and in my app). Is there a solution to this?

Thanks - loving the plugin and appreciate all of your support.


Hi @ksaitow1 – thanks for reaching out for the the kind feedback!

Does this happen for you when (1) the chart is loaded on different page sizes or (2) only when it’s loaded and the page width is modified wider/narrower? I’m only able to reproduce #2

Thanks for the quick reply.

At this point, I only see this happen in scenario #2 (page loaded, annotations visible, screen size modified wider/narrower, annotations disappear).


@ksaitow1 thanks for the additional info! We’ll take a look and keep you posted as we update the plugin to accommodate for this interaction

Hi @alex4 , I was testing the plugin in the demo pages and noticed that the elements layout is always fixed. Can you please confirm that the plugin is updated for the responsive engine ? Thanks

Hi @stefanof , great question–yes this is updated for the responsive engine!

Feel free to check out the template here (where I’ve updated a demo to show the charts on the most new responsive engine): Analytics Dashboard for Charts Template | Bubble

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Hi everyone,

I have this chart on my bubble web app with which I have the following issue : the texts on the Y axis on the left is sometimes too big and exceeds on the left the available size.

Could you please tell me how to set this up the right way?



Hi @edouardchene thanks for reaching out!

You should be able to increase the “Chart Padding (px)” property on the element inspector to avoid cutting off the chart:

Can you try that out and let me know how it works? Thanks!

Thanks @alex4 I checked the chart and there is already a padding of 10px.

Hi @edouardchene ,

Thanks @alex4 I checked the chart and there is already a padding of 10px.

I would recommend increasing this to 20px or enough buffer so your axis labels don’t get cut off

Thanks I just tried but I still have the problem. And the labels can be long or short. The issue is that charts do not apply a maximum length to the labels so if the text is too long it will appear partly but in an unaesthetic way.