[Plugin update] Supporting Link in the Stripe Plugin

To make it easier for you to collect payment from your users, we have added support for Stripe Link in the Stripe Plugin. Link autofills customers’ payment information to create an easy checkout experience for customers. The benefit of offering Link as a checkout option is your users won’t need to enter their credit card if they’ve previously opted into Link on any Stripe powered checkout experience, anywhere online.

Here’s how to set it up. In the Stripe plugin, when using Checkout v3:

  • There is a new “Enable Link on Checkout” checkbox to the settings page
  • Checking this box will enable Link payments on any Stripe Checkout page that the user is directed to
  • If a user checks out using Link, that payment method will be used by the “Charge a user using saved CC” action

You can see all the documentation for the Stripe Plugin here.


Thanks. Would still love to see the ability to have in-app checkout vs. Stripe-hosted checkout. We’ve had so many issues with this, especially when offering Google/Apple pay because a user might be on a shared device and switch Google/Apple profiles in their browser in the middle of checkout, and when they are kicked back to our app, Bubble no longer has the same cookies for them, and all the signup workflows break because it’s now a new user. On-page checkout would fix this.

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Thanks for the feedback - supporting in app checkout with Stripe Payment Element would be a big unlock for many Bubble developers and I can 100% see how it would be a win (we talk about this internally in terms of offering in-app checkout via the editor v Stripe Checkout!). We don’t have any near term plans to build this, but it’s not out of the question for the future.

This would be a huge improvement to the Stripe & Bubble integration

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I would really like to send parameters to stripe through the plugin, it would make it easier when creating a recurring affiliate, for example

Hi @laura.oppenheimer , can you explain why the default cancel subscription action for the plugin is “cancel_at_period_end”: false ?

99.99% of subscriptions allow the customer to continue using the product until the end of the subscription period, this is highly unusual and should be changed, thanks!