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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by NovaBloq

Hello, can you help me with that below errors? What means this?

Can you please send me a link to the page where this is happening? Send it in PM

What’s up EzCode. First off I love the work you all do and the power house templates and plugins that come with! I was wondering if the community could so kindly guide me through how to Mint and NFT with the Metamask Plugin. I have experience with ERC-20 but I am really looking into allowing users to mint their own NFTs. Thanks and I really appreciate any screenshots or guidance :smile:
Cheers and happy coding.

Steve @ Gozy Mobile Solutions

Hi @gozymobileapps thank you for kind words!

We are currently preparing a FREE plugin that will allow you to mint NFTs in combination with web3 plugin :wink:

More info coming later today.

Regards, Andrew

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Awesome thanks for the quick response Andrew. I love this plugin and cannot wait to see where this takes the crypto industry! Cheers bro and have a great day!

Steve @ Gozy Mobile Solutions

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For anyone that was interested in minting NFTs or creating a marketplace:

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:space_invader: :robot:Thanks so much for this plugin! I will get started test driving this plugin right away. Cheers Ezcode and keep up the excellent work!

Steve @ Gozy Mobile Solutions

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Trying to convert a transaction value to wei… I can’t seem to figure out how the To Wei result value works.

Take a look in the documentation
The result of this action will be available in the State To Wei result

I figured it out! Thanks

Sorry for another question… but how does the Read Smart Contract action work? For example, I want to read and display my Smart Contract’s Balance of Matic, since it’s on Polygon. Confused on how to accomplish this.

We have a few demo pages that shows different implementations, here is a demo of read smart contract function

However, if you want to check the balance of a token, there’s a separate function that do just that.
Look in this demo page, section Balance of token.
Also, again, in the documentation:

Hi guys, first congratulations for the Web3 Plugin, AMAZING!!!
I would like to know if there is any functionality for my application to detect the Metamask extension installed in the User Browser.

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yes it is possible through event Metamask is Installed

Update v. 2.10

New feature for Utils element:

Subscribe to New Block mined event

  • New actions: Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • New states: New Block NR, Subscribed to new Block event(Yes/No)
  • New event: New Block Mined



This feature can be used as a timer to check for changes on the blockchain, so you can use a fixed block N for an event to happen, and use this subscription to notice when the block N was mined.

Hey, does your plugin allow receiving events from contract? My contract will emit an event with values whenver i write to the contract but i am not sure how to do this with the plugin.

Hey, this is our next feature to be added. We are working on it currently. Will be finished soon.

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Hey thanks for letting me know! looking forward to it!!

Sorry Any timeline we are looking at?

This week should be done.

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