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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by NovaBloq

Check the user balance, if it is lower that the amount in your transaction, it will fail. Like for example in your screenshot you have 0 BNB


I think this is a great Plug-In and i am sure that i am missing a basic thing. I would like to use this plug-in as a mint button for my NFT collection. Everything works fine, but since i want the minting to cost 0.04 eth which is 4*10^16 wei, i am getting an error message. The way this plug-in works with these big numbers is by using 4.0000000000 e16 and the plug in can not work with decimals.

Is there any workaround?


Hello there, can I create and transfer NFT with this plugin?

Yes, use the To Wei function from the Utils element.

You can transfer it, there’s a separate action for this.
To create it you can use our free Rarible plugin, and create it through Rarible contracts, or deploy your own NFTs through ThirdWeb plugin (note this plugin is a work in progress)

Update v.2.20.11

Now compatible with Web3Auth plugin

Users can login via social networks like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and use web3 features right away!
A step closer to making web3 mainstream.

Demo page:


Can a user be connected to 2 web3metamask elements at once?

  1. I have 1 in my reusable header that uses the users wallet and signature to log in my dapp(WORKS)

  2. I have another that when the user clicks the claim button it connects and transfer a NFT from my wallet to theirs (trying to set up a NFT Claim page)

At the end of the work flow, the NFT has not been sent.

Yes it should work.

Try to run it with step by step on, and see if the parameters are transmitted correctly.

When transferring an NFT, you need to confirm the transaction, do you see this transaction in your wallet?

Update v.2.21

New Features!

  • Get Avatar image from Metamask wallet - Demo

  • Get ENS domain from address - Demo

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The issue was I was trying to let the user receive NFT’s from my wallet once the claim button was clicked. Web3&metamask doesn’t have this feature but Web3 manager does as it allows you to import your wallet in the backend while the user uses theirs on the frontend…So if anyone is having a similar problem, do what i did and get web3 manager.

Although now im running into another issue… Anytime i run the “Send token” action with the web3metamask element. metamask is saying that gas fees can not be estitmated and the gas fees are crazy high.
I’ve tried using the get gas price action and this only increases the gas price.
I am using the BSC network, any insight on what i may be missing?

Did you ever figure out what was going on?

Seems like you either don’t have enough balance, or the parameters are incorrect.
Can you send a link to your app editor in PM?

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Update v.2.22.0


  • Get Transaction Details - Amount sent, Receiver, Contract Address used, Timestamp, Full JSON data

The feature is available in the Utils element
Working on a demo page, will be ready a bit later

Hello! Is there a way to actually create a new wallet using this plugin? - Trying to build out an easier functionality for users to automatically have a wallet created in their account dashboard

Is there anyway to integrate a whitelist into an NFT minting function in Bubble.

Hi guys I got a message from Metamask (Chrome Plugin) saying that my page with the Web3 plugin is using the deprecated window.web3 api.
What does it mean please?
Is this true?
Should I expect the Web3 plugin to stop working because of this deprecated api?
I am currently using plugin version 2.20.11
I found this explanation in Metamask web site:
Please let me know.

Update v.2.23.0

  • New feature: Check Multiple NFTs balance at once


Not enough balance was the issue. I guess it’s a metamask thing. It makes your gas fee really high when you don’t have enough in your wallet to cover the initial transactions cost.


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Hello! We want users to transfer tokens to/from the web app’s wallet. Using the Transfer From action we are getting an error in MetaMask… it refers to gas fee issues and shows it as a transfer from Account 1 to Account 1. Screenshots attached.

  • Is it an issue because it is on Mumbai? Is it an issue because it is on a testnet?
  • Are we using the wrong plugin feature? Are we inputting the wrong info?


Update: we needed the admin wallet to provide approval before transfer