Plugins : marketing strategy?

This thread isn’t about plugin pricing :wink: , so? Marketing strategy for plugins developers.

I’m a huge fan of plugins, and I like to encourage any plugin dev. by buying them (even I’m not always using them). As I did that in the past with some specific plugins dev., the idea never occurred to me to share it. I also loved the concept of group buyers.

The solution? Group purchasing.

Once a time, offer your plugin at an impossible price that can’t be refused for a limited time period (new price available in the marketplace plugins for a short time window) when asking members of this community to commit to buy it (when a minimum commitment is reached). After, put back the regular price. This way, it give a cashflow boost to the developer.

Do you think this idea is realistic?

PS : List of plugin developers who make my app better :slight_smile:

@levon (zerocode), @seanhoots, @bubble :slight_smile: , @romanmg, @vlad (airdev), @copilot, Connective Cloud, @AliFarahat, almost forgot @gaurav :slight_smile: , @louisadekoya


Thanks @JohnMark for always supporting plugin developers.
You were the first person that ever gave me money on Bubble from a plugin.

I’ve had enough discussion on plugins here.
Only thing I will want to add is that @Bubble should allow free accounts to buy plugins.
There are many users who don’t move to a paid account before they’re ready to go live.
Many of such users will be happy to buy plugins if even its for testing.


Honestly shocked! And thanks. Can’t wait your new pay plugin! :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea indeed.

Here goes another one:

Let developers chose the pricing separately for each Bubble pricing tier. Including the option of $0 for hobby/personal plans.

Assumption: People start building their apps on Hobby and Personal plans. Once they have a workable app they will scale if needed into other plans.

Big assumption: Maybe by making plugins for free/reduced on hobby/personal plans people decide to use them more when they start building and will be ready to pay more money when they scale to commercial apps. If I start building an app with low budget I will workaround everything and once I am ready to scale I may not want to revert all my workarounds to a plugin because…you know…the time and effort and I already have a solution.


Totally agreed. Startup need an affordable incentive. Can be free or/and with expiration date (like 6 months or whatever enough amount of time).

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Good idea, @JohnMark and thanks for the mention. I agree with @seanhoots that allowing users on a free plan to purchase plugins would likely give plugins a boost.


So true. As everyone start on free plan, make sense to not limit plugins to be purchased on none paid plan.

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Hi @JohnMark good discussion :slight_smile:
you bought quite some plugins from Zeroqode, thanks for your support! :pray:
The idea is good, and we did some sales before (which is kinda similar to what you suggestion) but what’s your idea of an impossible price?
Right now most of our plugins are in the range of $15-$35. Bubble takes 25% cut from each plugin sale. How much lower the plugin should cost? If it was a simple sell without any postsale support we could make it lower, but very often (and I mentioned this before in other posts) users pay $15-$20 for a plugin, of which we get only 3/4th and then we are expected to spend a lot of time to answer questions, fix issues, go in the app and configure it for the user so that it works as expected.
You see the point? I don’t think it would be currently possible to reduce the prices even further.

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Believe me, I wasn’t thinking about you :slight_smile: You made all plugins affordable price for some time now even it’s kind of not profitable at a certain point. Success of Bubble and Volume is the long term strategy. I was thinking more about the first time you put a new plugin in the market, hoping to sell at high price, and nothing move. It’s simply another incentive way of helping raising suffisant cashflow to continue with first start commited bubble users. Second, you increase your chance with more sales in the future, because the counter (installed time) of that plugin isn’t at zero (or almost). It’s kind of exclusive pre-purchase order group (can also be a one time event).

I see, @JohnM thanks! :slight_smile:

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