Plus item to list stats couldn't find "Current Cell's " elements

Hi Folks,

1, I have created a Custom Stats which is a list.

2, I have created a Repeating Group, everytime I make a choice in one cell of the RG (all are texts) , I want the item (text) to be added to the CS list.

From all the youtube videos I watched, I should be able to “: plus item: Current Cell’s X”.
(X here refers to elements in the cell), however as you could see from this screenshot, I don’t get these elements at all, all I got is "Current Cell’s index)

Did I do anything wrong ? Why cannot I plus item from the Repeating Group ?

Thank you

Hi there, @WildlyOptimistic… have you tried selecting This Text?


My bad… you actually should (or could, depending on your setup) have Current cell's text as an option. More screenshots of your setup might help, but you obviously have another group in the mix, and that’s why you don’t have Current cell's text. Have you tried selecting Parent group's Fixture?

Yes you have spotted the problem. Thank you Mike !

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