Podio API integration in Bubble application

Do you think it’s possible to integrate the Podio Api (https://developers.podio.com) and use it in a bubble application?
How would you proceed?
Thank you

Yes, it can be done, I have integrated Podio in multiple ways. Podio API is kind of trouble to deal with since it is very very very verbose and omits fields that are empty. But you can make it work including webhooks and app authentication (custom oAuth). If you’re on the plan you can also use Globiflow to capture the data and send only what you need to bubble.

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Great, thank you andrew, maybe you have a sample that you can share? if not, don’t worry, you already helped! Also great idea with globiflow, we do have it on the plan but were short of ideas on how to use it.

Just reaching out as I need a hand to connect to Podio and hopefully get API flows running, many thanks.! After a few hours of trying I think I got the first part but I am damned if I know how to get the resulting token into the next call … or have I done this wrong ?

Hi it1,

I’m working on a Podio API integration as well. Did you ever figure out your issue above? I’m having similar issues.

You need to use the following type of the authentication:

Hi - I’ve tried to get this to work, and I can get it working in Postman, but not bubble, sadly.

I’d be happy to book 30 min of your time to help us get this API functional in Bubble.

Please check your inbox.