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Poor performance over slow network

In some parts of New Zealand, we don’t have fibre/high speed connections.
E.g., Download 11 Mbps and upload 6 Mbps.
In those locations on a computer, the app often takes 15 seconds to load a page.
I’m currently on a Personal plan during dev.
(a) Would upgrading to Professional increase performance given the slow network?
(b) If so, is it possible to trial before committing? (I’m on an annual plan).
Thanks, Mark.

@mrunge It would improve the speed (because it has some action that can run separatly, not sure but It may even add more power to general app) but I think bubble doesn’t have trial for those plans. You could ask support on that one.

Hi @Clasicwebtools
Thanks for your advice.

It should only make a difference if your app usage is over the personal plan capacity.

if you go to settings and app plan in your editor you can see “temporary capacity boost” this allows you to test it and also shows you the info that professional plan has 3 more servers than personal plan.

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Thanks for the info @ed727 and @TipLister
I was aware of the boost but unsure if it would assist with slow internet connected users.


from experience in low internet places, it will help a little, say 25%

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Thanks @TipLister I am doing a test today with my client. I’ll post the results as a reply here.