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Popup Cancel - Display Data does NOT reload - keeps previous input

Okay - I have a very simple popup form that correctly loads data into the popup element from a repeating group item when that item is clicked.

In the form I use a simple Cancel button that just hides the popup - not changing any data in the repeating group item.

When I click the repeating group item a second time - the items content does NOT over-write the pop-up form element. Whatever was there previously stays there!!!

Initial page:

Popup loads repeating group item text correctly:

I Change the Text adding ABCD:

I then press CANCEL button - which ONLY hides the popup.

The underlying repeating group element is NOT changed - which is correct - the data stays the same:

I again click the repeating group item - which should reload the data into the popup - the debugger shows this - but when the pop-up appears it has the PREVIOUSLY edited text - that is never overwritten?

What you want to do is reset the popup (group > reset data) in that cancel workflow in addition to closing the popup, this will allow the initial content to reset. What is happening is that you’ve now overridden the initial content by typing something into the input. Hiding the popup element doesn’t reset it, you have to force that.

Yes, you are sending data to the popup every time you open it, but it’s the same data, so it’s not going to reset (and whether that’s right or wrong, I don’t know), but I’m guessing when you select a different RG item, it properly loads, and then clicking back on the other RG item, it loads it properly as well without the unsaved content.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

how did this link? @palanzo

Gaby… I did try a number of resets… checking further what I found was inconsistent behavior.
Seems to be a defect.

I added Reset Edit Post before the Hide Edit Post command.

In my example my repeating post text contains “text 1234”.

If I use the pop-up and change that to “text 1234 abcd” - then press CANCEL - the Reset works…

If instead I make the change to “text 1234abcd” … No space… then the next popup comes up EMPTY like this:

It really seems to be content dependent - as ODD as that is… Capitalized letters behave differently…

Not sure WHAT is going on… I would think the reset, hide - should always do the trick.

Hm… could you share a link? I might be able to help troubleshoot by looking at everything in context. Can check it out tomorrow afternoon (US).

Sure… Sorry, just got this… you can create an account with email then play around

Just to save you some time @palanzo - She will need access to your app editor so that she can take a look under the hood. Creating an account in the app won’t allow her to fix anything. Just sayin’

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sorry - newbie… How do I give her that access here without exposing it to everyone?

@palanzo If you’re on the professional plan, you can add me as a collaborator which will allow you to keep the app private (and you can revoke my access whenever), or you can make the app public with read access only and I’ll still be able to see what’s going on and report my findings but not actually change anything.

Here is public with read - only

I just took a look and am unable to reproduce your issues. Updating, not updating, closing, opening… all seems to be working as it should. Not seeing anything weird. Are you still getting blank initial content views?

It still shows the problem - I made a brief video,

I click the note “Test1”, popup opens, I remove the text, click cancel.

I click the note “Test1”, popup opens correctly with text reloaded.

Now I append “ABCD”, click Cancel again.

This time when I click the note popup opens - but NO text is preloaded.

Second attempt works fine.

Odd - no?

Ok, interesting. This is what I’m seeing:

If I enter text and click out of the input and then click cancel…and I do all of this quickly… reopening the popup shows an empty input box. I can cancel again and show it again and it will load fine.

But if I do the above and give it a few seconds and then click cancel, it behaves normally.

If I enter text without clicking out of the input and then click cancel, no matter what speed, it’s fine.

Seems like something needs time to load or update once a change has been recognized in the input (which, like we’ve mentioned before, only gets recognized after clicking out).

Thanks… yes it’s timing related…
BTW --> any guidance as to how I can have a user upload and then crop a photo to an exact size? When I use stretch or other methods the photo’s seem to get distorted. I’m using the generic photo uploaded to start… processed with imgx plugin and resized - but it still seems to distort…

Looks like this:

Using this:

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