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Post a comment by replying to an email notification


I was following this thread: How to set up Inbound Emailing with Postmark’s Inbound Processing - #25 by coty

to implement a “post a comment by replying to an email notification” feature on my bubble app.

But I’m struggling with this part:

I’m able to parse the inbound email ( a reply to a task’s comment notification email) and I got this information from the JSON parsed data:

where I stored the user unique ID and the “task” identification ID

but I don’t get ho to retrieve them inside my “create new thing” action:

any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you for your effort.

Your trying to use the textbody when you should have an option to use the mailbox hash as shown below

Did you by chance choose to ignore this field when you first initialized the call using “detect data” or skip the detect data part all together?


thank you for the answer, I’ll give it a try.

In your example the “unique id” is a defaul bubble type record or I need to create a custom one like that?

because I got an error: Dropbox Capture

Thank you

every record in bubble has a unique id, see documentation from bubble below

I took a look at your image and see that you have a custom thing called conversation with a field marked task that you are trying to relate to.

you need to make sure that the field you are saying equals mailbox hash is an identical type. In this case text. Take a look at the images I have posted below to gain a better understanding of whats going on. However what I believe you need to do is simply say "Task = "Do a search for… " “Tasks” then in the filter options select “unique id” and say = mailbox hash.


Also note that if you are using the mailbox hash to store more then the unique id you will need to use either find and replace / extract with regex or any combination of the two to filter the value you need from the entire string of text.

Also not to discourage you but working with API’s without a solid understanding of how bubble deals with data, lists vs single values etc can be difficult and will be an uphill battle. It wont take long but if you have other features that need building that do not require an api it would be better to start there and come back to this after, you’ll have answered a lot of your own questions by then.

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thank you for your reply, I’m trying to make some step forward and I’m stuck with this:

  • when I try to define the “type” of fields provided by the API I don’t see my “Task” type in the list of available type of data:

where I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!!