POST a form in bubble

I am trying connect to an API that requires a redirect to the providers site with some form data to be posted with it. I have tried using the Bubble API connector and Navigation redirects but don’t seem to be able to get it to work the way I expect. If I understand the providers doc correctly, I should be redirect to their site and be presented with yet another form requesting the remainder of the information they require.

This is the example form.

<form method="POST" action="">
	<input type="hidden" name="p1" value="a">
	<input type="hidden" name="p2" value="b">
	<input type="hidden" name="p3" value="c">
	<input type="hidden" name="p4" value="d">
	<input type="hidden" name="hash" value="q">
	<input type="submit" value="Proceed">

How can I emulate this form in Bubble?

post a screenshot of how your trying to do it in the connector please.

pm me with what the api is mate i will help you out.

I am sure there are better way to do this but I did this by inserting the from as is into an HTML visual element. The submit button looks a bit funky but can probably be fixed with CSS.

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