POST a list of things over API Connector

Hello Bubble Community.

I need to to send data from a state to a external API.

The list set of state “table_items” looks like this:
product-id: number
price: number

In the next step I want to make a POST Request with the list “table_items”

At the Moment it looks like this

The Output:

{ “product_id”:“123,3044,4030”,



I need the output to look like this:

{ “product_id”:“123”,


{ “product_id”:“3044”,


{ “product_id”:“4030”,



Thank you for your time.

you will find :format as text to be your friend here. within your square brackets for the array, you’ll enter your search and then :format as text the result. in the output formatter you’ll enter your JSON schema for the objects in the array. Check out this example.

so instead of Search for Calendar Events:format as text, yours would be table_home's table-items:format as text

You saved my day. Thank you very much. How can return the favour?

PS: It worked also without “formatted as JSON-safe” Is it still necessary?

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not nescessarily! depends on the data being sent in the array. feel free to mark my response as a solution

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