POST private file via API to third party service

Does anyone know how to send a private file via an API POST to a third party service? OR, duplicate the private file to a non-private file, then send, then delete the non-private file?

I’m trying to send a private file to an E-Sign tool (BoldSign) but it doesn’t like the private fie url with the AWS keys.

BoldSign is having issues with the extra parameters at the end of the URL? If so then the re-upload public file will be the only option…

Try Bubble Back End Utilities Plugin | Bubble
“Write from Base 64” action

And the data source will be your file:encoded in base64

@tylerboodman Looks like this plugin is limited to 6Mb files.

I can GET files from external services via API and convert them to a ‘private file’ …There must be a way to do this in reverse. GET a file from the Bubble S3 and save it as a public file, upload to Bold and then delete.

Any ideas?

How big would the files be? Serverside actions have some size limitations like you saw.

Wait… try making a new field on your thing with the type “file” then set it to the private file’s URL:saved to S3" and see what that does

You need ton use Apikey to send a private file to a third party service.
?api_token=bubbleapikey after the file URL

There’s a plugin that you could test: File Uploader Bubble API Plugin | Bubble
The goal of this plugin was mostly to a) add extension when getting a file from API Connector and b) make a file private when the original upload was public (like from API Connector too)
But I guess it could be used to take a private file to make it public. However, this is also a server side action and may face similar issue if the file is too big.

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Is that documented someone, sticking the admin API key at the end of the URL? I don’t know about giving an external API my Bubble API key, but also if the file is private it should’ve sent a presigned URL to the external service already with the extra temporary AWS parameters…

I don’t think this is documented somewhere but it was tested a lot of time before. This is the way to access a private file without being logged in.

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@Jici @tylerboodman

The plugin worked well. What I did was generate the public file with the API key and then pass the documents value to the API, then deleted the public file. This way no api key is being passed externally.

Thanks for the help here!