Posting audio files through the data api

I have bunch of English and Norwegian words and voice recordings that I am trying the upload into my bubble database.
Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 13.16.49

I have the audio files on google drive but I can’t seem to upload the files using the API. As far as in can tell I should be able to use the URL of the files.

“You can submit a string, which should be the URL of the file/image hosted on a storage service”

Here is an example of the post request I am making (with my token removed). Clearly I am not understanding something when it comes to the URL of the audio file.

The resulting error is
“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“MISSING_DATA”,“message”:"Invalid data for field word1-audio: object with this id does not exist:

It seems to work fine when I change the field type from “Audio Files” to just “file”

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