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Posting JSON array in API Connector


I’m having some trouble and I think it’s a syntax issue.

token_values is an array of text, for which TD Postal Code String is one of the text values I’m trying to send (this is in a PUT).

Can anyone tell me how to fix this so that the syntax is right?

Here is the JSON body




Thanks in advance!

There’s some weird character in your text. Something in there isn’t what it seems to be.

I deleted all your spaces and replaced all your quotes until it got valid on online validators, try copying and pasting this:

	"auth_token": <auth_token>,
	"name": "ab",
	"number": "cd",
	"token_values": ["a", "a"]


Thanks, got it

I need to set a parameter for a variable:

Below is the JSON format of how business_hours_schedule is structured (I’ve included an image right below it to give a visual of how the indentation is). I need to set the objects “day” and “times” within “schedule”


attempt_hourly_limit: 10,
connection_hourly_limit: 10,
buyer_conversion_hourly_limit: 10,
revenue_hourly_limit: 10,
schedule: [
day: ‘0’,
times: [“11:00…13:09”, “14:00…15:09”]
day: “1”,
times: [“11:10…18:39”, “19:10…23:39”]



I also need to figure out how to write it in the body and also below for the key, like this:

Any help would be appreciated…

(Don’t know if @mishav or @mebeingken might know?)