Poststripeauth Redirect not working

Hi everyone,

Been at this all day (literally)
I can’t get the Stripe redirect back to bubble to work.
I have tried a few different workflows such as Register the user as a seller, and I’m currently using a simple button that directs the user to an external website, the url is supplied by Stripe for Express Oauth link.

I’m then redirecting the user back to Bubble with another supplied link for the Poststripeauth:

However once I complete express onboarding, the Poststripeauth sits in limbo forever, I dont get an error code or anything, see below;

Can anyone suggest some other things I can try?
When using Register the user as a seller it doesnt let me supply a link so I can use the express setup, it just goes straight into the Standard setup.

Any help is much appreciated.


also encountering this issue now – have you found a solution?

No i haven’t.

I spent 10 hours on Saturday trying to get this working but couldn’t.
Looking at the Bubble forums there seems to be a lot of Stripe related issues, so I’m hoping that this is one of them as well. Knowing that i’m not the only one having this issue, I might put in a bug report (and I suggest you do the same). Will update if anything happens.

Did you guys find a solution to this yet? I had it working but now it doesn’t. I am using the bubble built Stripe plugin…

Hey everyone,

After some troubleshooting with the Bubble dev team, I found this solution;

Bubbles forms and its engineers recommend having your redirect point to This did not work for me (and others).

What I suggest doing is redirecting to yourdomain/poststripeauth.
If you want to to point to a particular page, point your redirect to yourdomain/yourpage/poststripeauth.
If you are doing this in test mode (development mode in Bubble) (and this is what got things rolling for me, and hopefully this will fix everyone elses problems as well) point your stripe redirect to yourdomain/version-test/yourpage/poststripeauth

Doing this has fixed everything for me, I can now pull customer account numbers from stripe through to my app and store it in my database.

I hope this helps others who are struggling with this as well, let me know if I can help with anything because I’ve been at this for a while and have finally got it working.



I’m having the same issue I keep getting error 404 when trying to register an express account.
Any tips ??

Thanks @cmccray!
I couldn’t figure this out…but you’re post cleared everything up.
When in test mode:

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Can’t really believe that the documentation is STILL wrong on this!

Point to

No longer works … it gives the signup modal


Gives a 404


Works, in that it returns to the page. And gives you an access token, but doesn’t create a Connected Account.

So…do I need to do the code <> token exchange myself ?

The Bubble Stripe plugin is not fit for purpose, nor is the Bubble manual. Not that this surprises me these days.

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I have the same problem as you and feel really lost! I wonder if you managed to figure it out yet, bubble’s documentation isn’t very helpful, so if you don’t mind of letting me know your solutions that would be amazing. Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Is this for setting a user up as a seller?

Haven’t tested it recently, but I did the OAUTH2 stuff myself instead.

The native Bubble method works in Live. Not in Dev.