Present Index with format as text

Hello community, I would like to know if it is possible from the return of a list to use format as text and present the index of each item as for example;

Tomato, Strawberry, Apple

Format as text
1 - Tomato
2 - Strawberry
3 - Apple

This index cannot come from the database because it may or may not contain a filter in the query.


If an element is in an RG there will be an option for “cell index”.

It’s not in an RG.

The scenario is actually in a backend workflow.
Where the query is made and should I return a text like the example above.

Ah i see. I’m on mobile right now and I don’t remember if u can access the item number in a list of things.

Since it’s a backend workflow, what u can try is create an iterative workflow to write the list.

What would this iterative workflow look like?

Currently I do this using the toolbox plugin which lets me run java script on the backend but it has a long delay and this has been causing problems.


I’m away from my PC so i can’t build one exactly to your specs but here’s a guide you can refer to:

Recursive workflows