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Preset loading in input fields

Hello everyone,

My app consists in a database that the user can explore.
I have 7 inputs, which the user can edit to filter the results in the repeating group.
These inputs are mixed: text box/numbers/date selectors/text dropdowns.

The user can save the states of these inputs thanks to the button “save preset”, which requires a name to be given to the preset. The preset is then saved in the database as a “search preset” type.

Then there is a dropdown called “load preset” which shows all the presets created by the user. My goal is to change the 7 inputs value based on the preset selected by the user.

I tried to achieve this by using the “initial content” option on each input to pull the preset value from the database but i can’t figure out the correct expression.
Maybe i need a workflow for this?

Appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance

Hi there,… one way you could go here is to put all of the filter inputs in a group, and set the group’s type of content to the search preset data type. Then, when a preset is selected, use a workflow action to display data in the group, and display the selected preset. Finally, set the initial content of the filter inputs to the parent group’s search preset’s associated field, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


It worked, thank you! :slight_smile:

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