Prettify HTML Code Snippets to display to user

Hello all!

I’m getting custom HTML snippets generated via an API and I want to display them to my users. The catch is, I would like to pretty-print them.

An example snippet I get back from the API and I can display is:

But I would like to do code highlighting and formatting so that I can display it in a lovely way.

Any suggestions how to go about doing this?

Second this … does a plugin exist to display code nicely in a visual element? @dapphero is looking for HTML, but I’m specifically looking for JSON. Any solutions out there, Bubblers?

My use case is, I get back a huge JSON data object and just want to store it as text, and then spit it back out on screen in a nice and pretty way. The alternative is to parse the darn thing into fields, which I will probably get to in a later iteration.

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