Prevent copying and pasting groups losing their workflows

Hi all

As you can see in the screenshot, there are two question blocks on this page. In reality, there will be as many as 10-15 per page with multiple pages.

Under the question there are two toggles, to display information that is hidden to the user. At the moment, I and copy and pasting the question block group (everything in blue), and pasting it below one another.

The toggles therefore stop working for all of the ‘pasted’ question blocks as the workflows are no longer there.

What’s is a feasible solution to create lots of these blocks, but preserve the workflows in them?

I considered re-usuable elements, but with that the groups aren’t editable to create unique ‘things’

The easiest thing is to copy and paste with workflows - its a menu item

Slightly more sophisticated is to create a reusable that just contains your workflows. This is a common use case for reusables.

Thanks for responding.

I tried copying and pasting the workflows, but this doesn’t seem to work because the elements that are pasted multiple times, that is, the stuff within the new pasted group, are all the same names as those in the original group. So when I copy and paste the workflows into the new toggle element, the text displays for the original question block.

If you select the elements on the Editor and click “copy with workflows” - it will copy those UI element with the connected workflows to those elements.

When you “paste with workflows” - it will paste a copy of those UI elements with a copy of the workflows, with those workflows connected to the copied UI elements.

It works - you can copy things with workflows as you’d hope and expect - it’s just hard to explain!

Control C, Control V - what I think you are doing - the normal cut and paste does not copy with workflows.

Thank you, you’re absolutely right. I just discovered this and was about to respond before your follow-up

Yep, I was just using the keyboard shortcuts, but as you’ve said using the menu options picks up all the workflows too.


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