Preventing Duplicates on a RELIABLE way

i used the “only if count is 0” condition to prevent duplicate entries, but i found that its not reliable, it works only 50% of the time.

It lets thru duplicates a lot, especially on mobile

Any reliable solution?

Hi @cheskiefisch - you could use a Custom State called something like “Button Disabled” with a value of yes/no (or true/false). Set the default value to “no”. For the Conditional of the button, add “when Button Disabled is yes” with an action to disable the button.

In the Button’s workflow, the first action is to to change the value of Button Disabled to “yes”. Then continue adding other actions in the workflow.

The last workflow action is to change the value back to “no”

Hope that made sense.

Are you referring to the question above?

Yes - was assuming a button was used in a “create new” scenario and duplicates were getting created (due to user quickly hitting the button). Sounds like your scenario is different?

This is a massive issue that Bubble needs to address. Data consistency is far more important than speed, or any other new feature.

Just re-read. I use “only if count <= 0” because I came across a comment at some point where someone mentioned that “<=” is better than using “is”. Don’t recall anything more than that nor can I confirm that using “<=” is more reliable than using “is”

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