Preview app with test data

Hi Again! :slight_smile:

How can I preview my app with test (temporary) data?

I might need to get more specific but basically I have different data bases that I would like to display specific information. For example if one page is a database of events, what is the best way to display test/fake/temporary data on that page? Would I just have to go to the data tab and input fake data?

Also, I am using a template that has temporary data stored in it but I can’t figure out where it is stored

Thank you!


Yeap you would have to create entries

Using a “dummy” data type with different types of fields like a title (text), a short description (text). a date (date), image (image), a number (number), etc etc and add 10 entries to it. Use it everywhere so that you can see repeating groups populate, text elements display, images be shown, etc etc.

You can later on replace it with the actual data types that you will be using for your app to work.

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