Preview As Feature

A lot of the time when I preview a Bubble app, I need to go into the Data tab and preview it as a certain user in order for it to work with privacy settings, etc.

It’d be great if there was an option to “Preview as” when you hover over the preview button. And maybe you could set a default user that you’d like to preview as.


Is not same run as feature in the data tab?

That’s what I’d like to avoid.

  • It takes me 2 clicks to get to “App Data”
  • Then I have to search for the “All Users” data type which is especially cumbersome in large apps—sometimes the search box is faster but now my hand is off the mouse and I’m typing.
  • And now I have to search for the specific user, which again can be a drag in big apps
  • And finally click “Run as”

It’s a first-world problem, I know. But Bubble runs so slow sometimes that this can take ~30 seconds to do. Having the option to run the app from a specified user from anywhere in the app (because it’s connected to the “Preview” button) would a huge win for Bubble UX