Preview mode in dev down?

Anyone else having trouble previewing their app in dev mode?

Thankfully live is not down!

I’ve been getting this error for about 30 mins



I´ve been in dev mode for the last 4 hours without a problem.

Try restarting the broswer, maybe it works :grinning: :computer:

Hmmm no that didn’t work

I’ve managed to get some pages working and some pages throwing this error on laptop, none working on mobile device.

Right as I’m doing the final testing before a large update to live app :sob: :sweat_smile:

That happens quite often actually. Bubble is a heavy app and uses lots of RAM and requires a solid internet signal.

I usually free-up my pc/laptop as much as possible from other uses or excessive browser tabs.

Also, using my cellular carrier’s signal in my pc/laptop many times has kept me going.

Hopefully the above helps! :+1:t2:

Hello! We weren’t experiencing any outages at the time of this report, so if you’re still seeing this issue and have not been able to resolve it, please reach out to our team at so that we can assist with further troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

Are you using the new “Mouse and Keyboard Interactions” plugin? If so, I had the same issue with Preview mode… removed the plugin, and I’m back up.

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I was having a similar issue a few days back, but when i was just about to report it I realised that my ServiceWorker.js file had an error in it.

You should check that any JS isn’t preventing it from loading.

Yes, I have been running tests on it and having this problem for hours. There is no problem when “debug_mode = true” is added to the URL. Hmmm I actually did just install it yesterday to have a play…

It was Friday night in my time zone so I took it as a sign from the Gods to log off :rofl:

Logged on this morning and everything seems to be working as normal thankfully!

Thanks @eve for your reply.

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