Printing Invoice Really? WTH

So Having fun with Bubble All good, love the way the thing works No probs building beutiful invoicing POs etc with pics and everything. All stored beautifully in nice database complete creative control as opposed to Airtable ,Odoo, SaaS accounting of every variety. Now I just want to save an invoice to a PDF for printing and then associate with the clients billing. Banging head against wall. SO I am clipping screen pic of invoice saving as PDF and uploading. Janky but it works. Have looked at all the plugins none are confidence-inspiring all pretty convoluted Why isn’t this function native? Seems weird. Select PDF et al way too expensive IMHO. Input?

I had a lot of trouble with creating PDF’s initially - have tried most of them, paid and free.

I love DocxToPDF - super easy to create templates as you are just manipulating Word - and you can use backend workflows which to me is a real winner. You can trial it for free to test it out.

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Im thinking about just doing a javascript thing to get a screen grab button No API’s no complicated integrations and free except for my time or just fire a screen grab natively in the phone using same logic Im a stupid cut and paste coder but maybe I can hack it together with some Codepen help

Use PDF Conjurer plugin.

Try this plugin:

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