Privacy Rules Before Creating App


I currently have an app that is basically only a landing page and signup flow.
Is it possible to collect user sign-ups without privacy rules in place? My reasoning is that since users are not able to log in or edit details, essentially no one will be able to see anything in the first place, leaving privacy rules essentially useless in this point in time.

Appreciate any comments, Thanks.

If you do not want a privacy rule for the user data type just delete all rules

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You still need privacy rules, otherwise your data can be fetched by others. If your data has no privacy rule, your data is not safe.


Perhaps it would be useful to review some tips about establishing privacy rules for your app.

Here an insightful video should you be interested:

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In bold text in the manual (Protecting Data - Bubble Manual) it says:
If you haven’t explicitly created privacy rules for a given thing, then the data is not secure.

So you need privacy rules (unless all your signups are public information!).

Privacy rules I found the trickiest part of Bubble, and it took a lot of experimentation to find a roles and permissions design that made implementing privacy rules possible.

But as a first step, the simplest thing to do, add on every Thing, a privacy rule so there is no public access, (eg ‘when user is logged in’ (assuming you don’t have users) and turn off everything in “Everyone else (default permissions)” and see if your app still works. If it does great, if it doesn’t then watch the video by airdev about privacy rules.

Good luck

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Thanks for your Insight everyone! Learning a lot.