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Problem with FaceBook login


I am trying to access the app preview with my mobile phone. I see the app ok but as soon as I try to log in via facebook, I get this error on the facebook website “You are not logged in, you are not logged in, please log in and try again”.
The problem is that there are no login fields on that facebook page.

When I play with the app as a preview from my desktop, I do not have a facebook logging problem.

Any idea why the mobile and desktop logins are different on facebook?

Thank you,

I found this thread here:

So from what I understand, I need to setup the platform, my question is, if this is only an android app but need to also test it via the preview mode on my desktop, shall I set 2 platforms?

Right now I am trying to setup the platform “website” and it ask for a url, I tried to put the url of the preview in but it is not helping the facebook login.

I then tried to add an Android platform but facebook is asking for details that I do not have:

-Google Play Package Name
-Class name
-Key hashes.

Could someone guide me a little bit on this please as I am not sure where to start.

Thank you.

if you look up my posts on the forum, there was one about fb login with screenshots in one of my replies