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Problem with not working


I’m really driving crazy with this problem.

My update has (from the element fields).
Everything ok.

I want to pass some variables to my element action, so I did this: = properties.source; = properties.getcolor;


Easy right?

Ok now in my element action code:

var source =;
var color =;



What i’m missing ??

Are you passing between elements in the same plugin?

Or are you trying to pass data to/from a workflow action from an element action?

Something like that?

I do this ^^^^^ passing of data all the time

Hi @jared.gibb

Yes it’s in the same plugin. Same element (My plugin only has one element).

As said, im trying to pass data from update to element action.

But for some reason is not working…

It feels like the data aren’t getting where you think they should be. In update, keep the console log. Only after you see it fire in update, try to run your action and see the result. Remove all code except for the passing of data and logging to check if it’s there.

If that doesn’t work the issue would likely lie in the update code and something blocking those data from passing.

Did you get that sorted out?

I have the same problem

24-08-2021 10-44-35

The only real possibility is that the Action is running prior to the Update function, or prior to Update running once the data you are pulling in via Properties is available to it.

You could bring the Properties that you need directly in via the Action, instead of relying on Update? There may be a reason that you are not doing that…

If you have to use Update for some reason then you could do something like:

  1. Set = false In your Initialize function
  2. Within Update Check for values within your Properties object whilst = false
  3. Once you find values then set to true And trigger an event (instance.triggerEvent()) that then, via a workflow, calls your Action.

I often use this kind of switch to better manage how plugins initialise because the sequence of operation during page load is unpredictable and Update will often run several times during one page load.

Thanks! You’re right.

After setting the 1s timeout in action, everything worked
24-08-2021 12-27-53

I am planning to create my own global object and store the necessary variables in it.

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