Problem with moving elements

Hi Everyone, needing help with a UI issue. In the builder my UI looks like this


When the app loads bubble moves the two tab elements down by 10-20 pixels. I have tried moving the text above up as assumed this was what was causing the elements to be moved down but it is not that as I can move that text to the top of the screen and the elements are still moved down… Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it?


Are you in the new or old responsive editor?
Is the green bar in the top group? (The group with the settings wheel, and all the text above)

I also see Matches and Maybes are lower than Binned. Maybe you can put "Matches, Maybes, Binned, and the green bar all in one group?

Hi, using the responsive editor. Yes all in the same floating group, I’ve put Matches, Maybes and Binned all in the same group and still they’re being pushed down.

Solved it, with a floating group on a floating group…

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