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Problem with Sequence of Actions in a workflow


I have series of actions to be processed in a sequence when I run a workflow.

In the below screenshot, I have 8 actions to be run in a sequential order as arranged in this workflow. The problem is … before Action #2 is completely processed, Action #3 is being run which is impacting rest of the actions.

In the above scenario, all the actions are dependent on the output of their previous actions.

Kindly Help

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Did you try adding a pause before next action?

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Thank you very much @skylershelton for letting me know this option.

I just tried to use this option but it shows it wont apply for the workflows that modify data.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.21.41 AM

My Actions does modify the data in the bubble database.

Perhaps if you trigger a custom workflow, instead of keeping all the steps inside one? Would that work?

Perhaps including the break that @skylershelton mentioned before the workflow is run.

@emmanuel we past the day trying finding this problem… we patch it, but there’s something new today, that was not there yesterday? Same problem as @samuel describe. Was working fine last 3 months until yesterday 5hpm.
It was the same problem? Add List only adding last item

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