Problems implementing Quill, a rich text editor (needs implementing CSS and Javascript)

I’ve been trying to add a rich text editor to my Bubble website for a while, but can’t figure out how it works. The open-source one I’ve been working with is Quill, and I was following this quickstart guide:

I assumed you would just need to copy the code to an HTML field, but that did not work. Nothing shows up except for the text.

I’m assuming the issues have to do with importing the external resources of the app to bubble?

To my understanding after doing some research, you are supposed to put all the scripts referring to external resources in the header of the page so that it is loaded correctly for use by the rest of the HTML code, but that did not work either. I was planning to move on to making a plugin out of it but this has put a wrench in those plans.

So i’m turning to you guys, I hope someone can help me out! I genuinely do not know how to proceed from here.

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