Problems uploading text SVGs

Hey All,

Thanks in advance for the help.

I am trying to upload my company logo to a new project. However, my company name (which follows to the right of my logo) is not appearing … any suggestions?

I tried uploading as a PNG, but the quality is not ok.


Hey @financeiro :slight_smile: There can sometimes be issues with texts inside of svgs, because the font used for the text is not a font available in Bubble. To get around this, you can open the svg in a program such as Adobe Illustrator, click the text in the logo, and choose ‘create outlines’. If that doesn’t do it, feel free to PM me the logo file itself and I can take a closer look!

Hi @fayewatson .

I can’t thank you enough! That did the trick just right and now I know how to move forward.

If you are interested, I need someone to help me optimize my work once my website is done (I am coming up only with the concept). Following that, I will do some applications. Let me know if we can work something out.

Either way, you rock!


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