Problems with editing a cell of a repeating group

So I successfully created a button that lets admin to edit the cell of the repeating group but I am facing problems I can’t solve on my own. I need your help.
(cell=Post, The post have three fields: Details=Rich text input’s value, Attached add list File Uploader’s Value, Date=Post Created Date)

  1. To edit a post, the post must be created in the current user session. If it was created before, it cannot be edited. The admin user needs to edit any post not be limited by this problem. The only thing that is not affected by this problem is the attached (uploaded files). How to solve this problem?

(Post created before Session)

(Post created during Session)

2. The attached (uploaded files) are shown in the multifile uploader. So here is what happening. Let us say I created a new post and uploaded 2 pics. When I edit the post the 2 pics are shown in the uploader. If I click on the “remove” button in the multifile uploader and click “Save”, nothing changes. If I click the edit button and click the save button, the 2 pics are added again to the list of attached. (I tried " Attached add list multifile uploader’s value" and “Attached remove list multifile uploader’s value” at the same time hoping it to work.

Any help is appreciated. I will add the editor link (read-only) to check the workflows and to preview it yourself.

Thanks in advance!

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