Product classification in db

Dear all, how would you recommend to organize my database if I need it like this:

1 - Vehicle
1.1 - Lifter
1.1.1 - Crane - Land Crane - Water Crane

So this is obvious that I cannot use attributes here.

Should I create more option-sets?
Or what is the best way?


I think in options set you can easily use categories sub categories and attributes for them.

Option Set: Crane
Land Crane
Water Crane

Vehicle Type: Lifter (Options for vehicle)
Vehicle Brand: Another option

Option Set: Vehicle
Option: Lifter, Truck etc.

I am not sure I understood it correctly. But it worked this way in my mind.

No unfortunately the length of this path is not enough for my items :frowning: That’s the problem.
I have a type, a category, a subcategory and a sub-sub category. :confused:

Make a datatype Category, then that has a field Category. Then a Category can have a parent Category (no sub categories or anything)

Bubble doesn’t let us infinitely nest things visually on screen, like we can’t put a reusable inside itself, but you can manually make like a 10-layer deep tree on screen if you wanted.