🚀 Product Hunt Launch - Free Design Templates (Sketch and Photoshop)

Hey Community!

This is a bit of an unusual launch, but therefore it needs even more of your support :pray:

We’re thinking of how to help to breach the (unnecessary) gap between the “traditional” builders - designers, developers, and us, no coders.

There’s so much we can gain by working together, but most of the “old school” guys are skeptical at best in the beginning.

So it’s our job to try and find ways to cross that chasm and prove that no-code is absolutely beneficial for anyone with an interest in building things.

I don’t need to tell this community about the benefits of no-code :sweat_smile: , but most of the world is yet to hear about us.

So today the package we’ve released is reaching out to the extremely large community of web-designers, by offering a number of our top-selling template designs FOR FREE.

In the formats that are easy and common for the designers to use - .PSD and Sketch.

If you have any designer friends or communities you are a part of - we will appreciate a TON you sharing this free content so more people can give no-code a shot.

Not only from the functional but also from a design perspective now.
Thank you, Community - you guys rock :sunglasses:


Bump! We could really use some community help getting on the front page :slight_smile:
Help us out here please, community!

Being in the “Newest” is as good as not posting to PH at all :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support, folks.

We’re calling it a day with 50 votes and hopefully, a few more happier designers :sunglasses:

P.S. Apparently, being on PH too often (more than once in 6 months) will get the PH team to take your postings down (forcefully putting them to "Newest) :slight_smile:

Some more lessons learned here :slight_smile:

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