Product listing autofilling some parameters

Hi guys, I’m having trouble with the logic in connecting these two fields that evaluate as different fields.

  • My User data type has a data field called “Company-name” which has a field type of text. This field is filled up upon sign up.
  • My Product Listing data type has a data field called “supplier-name” which has a field type of User.
  • I’m trying to make a product listing creation form that fills up the Supplier name automatically by connecting it to the Current User’s data. Any tips on how to do that?

If there is no extra specific reason for the supplier name field, when you create a thing (for example product listing) while a user logged in, that thing already has a created by field which will be the current user as value.

Even in your case, it should be a straight field set in make a new thing action. If you can’t do that, it is probably a privacy rule issue.

Hi, I checked privacy settings, Company-name is able for everyone else’s view. I’m posting a screenshot here so you guys could visualize what my problem is in case I didn’t articulate it well. Hope this helps.

You said supplier-name is of type User and Company name is of type text. So, technically, you can’t assign a text to a user.

is there a workaround to that without having to make Supplier-name a text type?

You can change Supplier-name to Supplier and assign Current User to the Supplier instead of Current User's Company name. Whenever you need the company name, you can just get Product Listing's Supplier's Company name.