Profane and other abuse filters

Wondering whether there is a plug-in or something that can help filter out profane language and inappropriate pictures. My app is for teenagers, so it would be super helpful if there is a plugin that can automatically stop a user from creating profane usernames that other users will see.

I’ve found a plug-in that appears to do this. It’s called isProfane. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use this.

These teens will also need to take a picture of themselves. Is there a way to block or automatically flag nudity or other inappropriate pictures? (I expect this to be harder)

I’ve figured out how to use the isProfane plug-in (I think… :slight_smile:

I just have to use it as an individual item in workflow, and then refer to result in step 1…

Now, to image… hm… any help?

You can use an API like Amazon Rekognition: Moderating content - Amazon Rekognition


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Thank you!

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