Progress record creation

I would like to display the progress of the creation of new records with a progress bar.

Here’s the problem:
I have a table with around 150 records and I’m using a backend workflow to populate another table with these records (create on a list).
During this backend process, I would like to use a progress bar that displays the progress of creating these records.

I tried using the following formula in the progress bar percentage:
A “do a search for”:count of the new table / “do a search for”:count of the base table.
Unfortunately, updating the percentage is not very efficient and it requires a lot of resources to constantly count the new records created.

Do you have a simple and effective solution to deal with this subject?
Thanks a lot

Yes and No…Simple, depends on your level of understanding Bubble. Effective, yes, regardless of your level of understanding of Bubble.

  1. Don’t use the API on list as there is no way to know when the list is finished or how many items have been created. Instead use a backend recursive workflow.

  2. Create a ‘Processor’ data type that allows you to make changes to the fields you add (maybe fields like number of items to create, number of items created) in the backend recursive workflow.

  3. On the page you trigger all this from, setup a group or custom state to hold onto the value of the ‘processor’ you created. Then reference the field values for your progress bar (ie: number of items to create versus number of items created).

  4. On the page, hide the progress bar when the ‘processor’ field value of ‘items to create’ is equal to field value of ‘items created’.

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Thank you for your quick reply!
If I well understand points 2-3-4, I don’t see what you mean with “backend recursive workflow”.
If you need to create several records based on another list, you need to trigger a “schedule api workflow on list”, isn’t it?
I don’t see another choice in the backend menu.
Many thanks

That is one way but not the only.

Do a quick forum search and you’ll find loads of posts

I found a video by Matt Neary that explains these concepts well.
Here is the link :

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