Project Data Management tool with Dashboard and KPI1s

I need help please, I am building a project management App with KPI and Chart, which must indicate progress on each project.
1 I have to link my different screens( I need ideas)
2. I need to create a form where users can type information in
3 All the information must then be populated in a summary screen,
4 From the summary screen it goes to dashboard with GRAphics

Can anybody please help me , +27837115889 or


Hey there,

We have built project management apps before and also a CRM. So once a user creates a project, it can have a list of tasks with a list of statuses for that task and who it is assigned to. You can also add the time spent doing that task and assignees can see what new tasks they have. Can be built easily on bubble, only tricky part is gonna be the dashboard to incorporate charts. We’ve used Google charts for this before and it turned out beautiful. If you have already started on your app maybe you can share a link to that app and I can have a look perhaps? Also feel free to contact me on my email at anytime.


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