Properly implementing

Hey Bubble Community!

I’m trying to implement (now into my app to pass data to other tools commonly used by SaaS/web businesses (KISSmetrics, Intercom,, etc).

I’m running into a few problems and am not sure if it’s just limitations of the way the Segment plugin is built, or whether I’m just missing something. Here are my questions:

1. Is it possible to send Traits to Segment with the Identify call?
When a user signs up for my app, they input details like their first name, last name, email address, company name, phone number, etc. It would be awesome to be able to pass these to Segment as Traits (Documentation here) so that they can then go into tools like Intercom and I can use them to personalize email messages, In-app messages, etc.

2. Is it possible to use the Alias call?
The benefit of using tools like KISSmetrics and Mixpanel is that they can map together actions a user does before signing up with actions they do after they signup, so you can see for instance how many signups or customers came to your app via search engines vs. paid ads (for example).

However, by using the Identify call in Segment, the actions a user takes before signing up are lost and there’s no way to get that full view of the customer. Using the Alias call however, actions the user takes before signing up and joined together with actions they take after signing up, and you get the full view of the customer

Hope someone can help me!


@emmanuel Is there any chance the above could be implemented into the Segment plugin anytime soon? Would love to be able to send traits (I.e. Name, Company, etc) along with the Identify call, as well as make an Alias call so that tools like Mixpanel work properly.

We don’t have a plan there, we add this things on a sponsored basis so reach out if you’re willing to sponsor it.

Hey Aron!

What’s up?! you were succesful on this matter? I’m implementing segment as well now, I would be grateful if you could stop by my question and give some thoughts on this

Thanks in advance!

hey @aaron you could move forward on this?

Is there any plan on improving the Segment plugin for sending traits like Name, Last name, and others? @emmanuel?

I’m experiencing trouble to properly integrate segment.

any advice is appreciated!