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Dearly beloved programming community:

We are gathered here today in remembrance of a former titan in the great journey of a startup’s life: the prototype.

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One obvious advantage to low code / no code is that a working model, live demo, proof-of-concept (call it what you want) can be built by someone with experience and knowledge of data intensive app design and development in about the same time as a wireframe or mockup.

We are talking here about “forms and lists over data”, the proverbially CRUD, not IoT, sensors, video games or self-driving cars for example.


Often we are too excited about new posibilites and think too fast about discarding the old methods. The truth however is that prototypes and MVP are not dead at all, but as you mentioned, they’re changing. Not so hard to imagine that the starting product will became easier to build, better, and more simple to scale.